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Equipment and accessories for catering, professionals for over thirty years
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Butchery and meat processing
Slicers, cutlery, bagging machines and work tools for high-level butchers
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Cooking and gastronomy
Precise and fast equipment, cookware and work tools for restaurants and delicatessens
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Pastry shop
Accessories for preparation, decoration and presentation for state-of-the-art pastry shops
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Containers, trays, shovels and small parts essential for efficient pizzerias
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Exhibition and sale
Trays, lunchboxes, displays for organized and elegant counters and catering
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Shakers, jiggers, tools and accessories for original and trendy cocktail bars
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Product categories
catering buffet
ice makers
lighting lamps
bar machinery
catering machinery
springs/pliers serve
oil salt pepper
plates ovenware glasses cutlery
oven dishes trays tubs
cleaning washing
vacuum packing and packing machines
silicone moulds
bar tools
kitchen tools
butcher tools
measuring tools
bread and pizza pastry tools
protection tools
baking trays pans
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